The Colwall Bird Survey is an activity undertaken by people within the Colwall area and records the types of birds seen in the area each month. The result pages show the number of sites that have been visited by each bird species over the last months and years.

The result pages also give a comparison with the Nationwide survey carried out by the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). It is interesting to see that some birds seen regularly in the village do not appear in the Nationwide picture.

Colwall Survey Form

An Excel file (downloadable from the "Survey Form" page) can be used to record data for the survey. The "Survey Form" page also contains an acrobat version of the Survey Form for those that prefer to use a paper version. Please feel free to join our survey at any point.

Information Page

The information ("Info") page contains general comments which has been obtained from previous surveys and provides some information for why the Colwall results differ to the BTO results. In addition the page also contains some web links which provide further information on birds and general flora/fauna.


The "Blog" page provides a means for members to pass on relevant news to others in the survey. Suggestions for inclusions in the Blog can be emailed to the organizers at the email address given on the "Contact Us" page.