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The next RSPB Garden Bird Watch is between 26th and 28th January 2019. Your can pre-register with the RSPB and receive a free information pack or register to go paper-free. Either way you can get access to information to make the Garden Bird Watch more interesting and enjoyable. To register just click on the following link: “RSPB Garden Bird Watch”.

The BTO's BirdTrends 2018 report is a one-stop shop for information about the population status of the common breeding birds of the wider UK countryside. The report is based on data gathered by the many thousands of volunteers who contribute to BTO-led surveys.

The report covers 120 species of UK birds and provides the latest information on trends in population size, breeding performance and survival rates, as measured by their long-term monitoring schemes. In particular the report provides for each species:

1) The latest conservation listings and estimates of UK population size
2) A summary of changes in the size of the population and the possible causes of these changes
3) Graphs and tables showing changes in UK population size, breeding performance and survival since monitoring began
4) Wherever possible, graphs and tables are presented separately for UK countries (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)
5) Alerts, drawing attention to population declines of greater than 25%, or greater than 50%, that have occurred over the the most recent five-, ten- and 25-year assessment periods and the maximum period available (usually 49 years). 

The report is not available as a single download but has been provided by the BTO as a set of inter-linked web pages. The top level entry point to the report can be found by clicking on the following link: “Bird Trends 2018”. 

The report has the following reference: Woodward, I.D., Massimino, D., Hammond, M.J., Harris, S.J., Leech, D.I., Noble, D.G., Walker, R.H., Barimore, C., Dadam, D., Eglington, S.M., Marchant, J.H., Sullivan, M.J.P., Baillie, S.R. & Robinson, R.A. (2018) “BirdTrends 2018: trends in numbers, breeding success and survival for UK breeding birds”.Research Report 708. BTO, Thetford.

Produced jointly by RSPB, BTO, Natural Resources Wales and the Welsh Ornithological Society, this report provides an up-to-date overview of the state of bird populations in Wales, as well as information about recent conservation initiatives. The report can be downloaded from the BTO by clicking on the following link: “State of Birds in Wales 2018”.

The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs produced a report “Wild Bird Populations in the UK, 1970 to 2017” in November 2018. This report looks at the long term trends in various groups of birds, such as farmlands birds, woodland birds, water&wetland birds and seabirds. It identifies the biggest decline over the period is in farmland birds, which have dropped by 56%. However the report also looked at the short term trends between 2011 and 2016, and for this period farmland birds only declined by 7%. The report can be downloaded from Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs web site obtained by clicking on the following link: “Wild Bird Populations in the UK, 1970 to 2017”.

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