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Colwall Bird Survey Information

On this page you will find general information which may be of interest concerning the Colwall Bird Survey. In addition a section has been provided which gives links to web sites that contain information on birds and flora/fauna.

Bird Identification

The identification of birds in the garden can sometimes be difficult. In order to help the identification of birds the RSPB provides a easy to use guide on bird identification. This utilises simple questions on the look and shape of a bird. This bird identification guide can be found by clicking on the blue button.

Feeding Garden Birds

Feeding birds is one way we can all help in attracting birds to our gardens. The RSPB web site provides a guide to the different types of food which can be provided to attract garden birds. This feeding guide can be found by clicking on the red button.

Garden Birdsong

Sometimes it is easier to hear birds than it is to see them. However, being able to determine a bird by its birdsong can be difficult. BBC Radio have produced a set of birdsongs for the commonest garden birds. These sound recordings also give helpful advice on the key points to listen for in a birdsong. The BBC Radio birdsong guide can be found by clicking on the blue button.

BBC Radio 4 "Tweet of the Day"

Throughout 2013 BBC Radio 4 broadcast a "Tweet of the Day" at 6am each morning. Each Tweet focused on one particular bird species which can be found in the UK. The Tweet gives examples of birdsong and a narrative identifying interesting facts about the bird. For those of us who find it difficult to be wide enough awake at that time in the morning, all Tweets are available on the BBC Radio 4 site which can be found by clicking on the red button.

The following links provide further information on birds and more general flora/fauna.
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