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Colwall Bird Survey Form

Those members wishing to submit records of bird sightings can use the form in the Colwall Bird Survey Excel file, which can be downloaded (see below). Whilst the form includes all months of the year it is not necessary to keep the form until the end of the year. We recommend that you send us the Excel file every 3 months as that will allow us to keep the web site up-to-date.

The Excel file has three tabs:

  • The "README" tab contains general information on completing the survey form.
  • The "Colwall Survey Form" tab gives a blank table for entering the results of your survey. Enter a "1" (one) for each month that you see a bird species. The table can also be extended to include any other sightings which you have seen, for example yellowhammers
  • The "Comments" tab provides a means by which you can add general comments and observations.
For those members wishing to record data on the original form, an acrobat copy of the form is also available.

An Excel spreadsheet for survey recordings or an Acrobat pdf version of the survey record sheet are given here.

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